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Your beauty is intoxicating...
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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in supersized_bbw_hotties' LiveJournal:

Monday, February 14th, 2005
7:01 am
Sunday, November 7th, 2004
1:06 pm
NeW ChIc
Ehlo Members,
Just thought I'd pop in and say hello:) I'm new to this group and thought it be good to introduce myself:
My name is Alysia and Ilive in CT (right now) and I have roamed the earth for 26 years. I haven't quite mastered how to post pics (yet) but I am working on it :D

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
3:08 pm
Hey everyone, I'm new to this community.
My name is Melissa.
I'm 16 (17 on Sep 3rd).
Weight 180, and I'm around 5'9"

All I have concerning pictures right now is a facial shot, so I'll post body pics when I have them. Thanks for accepting me into this community! =)

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Current Mood: tired
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
10:05 pm
new to the community
I am 30...
Live in Oakland, CA
I am a teacher...
and a punk/deathrock girl...
here are some pics under the lj cut
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Current Mood: creative
7:37 pm
hi there
im a 27 year old girl in seattle.
thought i'd post some info and pix.

fave movie~velvet goldmine
fave music~britpop
fave color black and pink or black and red

6:16 pm
Welcome, eyeminsane. Tell us a little about yourself?


Current Mood: excited
4:31 pm
Whee! Pictures!
Okay, I remembered my photobucket password, and I found my album with all my pictures in it! This means eye-candy for you, and happy day for me! Here it is, the beautiful Read more...Collapse )
Work safe! X-posted.

Current Mood: creative
6:44 am
Alright... starting this off properly, member number one besides me has joined. Welcome, and you rock because you're the first official member. :D Please, a little about yourself?

Onto different things, I'm thinking that I'm going to spiffy up some pictures to use to pimp the community with. I'm pretty good with Photoshop, and I am, after all, a Graphic Design student. Right I should do that now. :D Bwahaha. I love being creative.

Be back in a while, gonna do some netsurfing and see what kind of public domain pictures I can come up with.

love and kisses, lovelies.

Current Mood: creative
Friday, August 20th, 2004
3:08 am
First ever post
Okay.. as it's early, and I've done this on a whim, I apologize for this post being short. I should start by introducing myself. I'm Katie, the owner and moderator of this community.

I'm five foot nine inches, and about 450lbs. I turned twenty on the first of July, so now it's been 1/5 of a decade that I've been living as a fat girl. I'm proud of who I am, though.

I'm a graphic design student at Oakland Community College here in Michigan. Just starting out, kinda scared about the whole college thing. In fact, I've got placement tests at 10:30 tomorrow morning, and it's already three AM. I can't sleep, and I'm chainsmoking out of my nervousness.

I used to have pictures on here, but my computer recently got fixed and all the files on my hard drive were erased. >/ Stupid fuckers. So, to satiate any that read this first post, I'm a halfbreed, Irish/Cherokee mix. I've got short, spikey bottle-red hair, and bright blue eyes. Straight teeth, pretty smile, and a bad attitude. Well, not a bad attitude.. but bad-ass. ;D

Lets see how we can get this going, hmm? For now, I'm signing off, my pretties.

Current Mood: awake
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